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This, That, and the Other Thing

Babblings of an outlaw, libertine, and God only knows what else...

28 February 1991
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My name is Johnny. I'm 22, I love history, art, drawing, music, vidja games and whatever else I feel like. :3

I have a VARIETY of interests and I'm all for making new friends. Don't be afraid to talk to me. I also love to draw, write, and do all kinds of stuff. Just get to know me!

WARNING: I am known to swear and talk about dirty stuff every now and then. Sometimes my drawings are sexual/violent/gorey/crude/taboo in nature. I usually give warnings on such art posts though. But yeah, proceed with caution if that stuff offends you.

Politics (though I prefer to talk about politicians than I do issues, if that makes sense)
History (various eras)
American Dad/Family Guy
Men In Black
My Little Pony (though I'm not as into it as I was, but I enjoy it every now and then)
Various animes (just ask!)

My Fic Journal: wordsinthesnow