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Because looking at this man is such a thrill. You must all be able to share my thrill.

AWWWWWWWWWWW! is all I can say here!!

Aww! Haha, look how nobby his knees are!! Skinny little boy!

Well, wow. This is just so amusing and crazy all in one moment. I'm sorry, but Jack, Lem, do you two know just how dirty that looks?? I don't care how old you are, you look to be an age where you'd understand that! HAHAHA!

Hahvahd Swim Team!! Wow, look how skinny his arms are!

What the hell are they doing?? Haha!

I'm jealous of a book... oh my.

With Daddy Joe. I'll take both please!! Haha!

Ooh, smooth young man. Look at that smile!!

RAWR! This is from his European vacation with Lem.

Hot young politician!

*tackle* Haha!


Let me take a moment to compose. *takes a cold shower* Okay, that didn't work! DAAAAAAMN!

He's so cool with his awesome hair and shades. Cool and HAWT! Haha!

HAHA! He looks all deer in the head lights or guilty or something here!!

I've got a curve ball for him! LMAO!

We don't need words here. Let's just look! *drool*

I did my best to make this pic clearer. It's tooo hot!! Even for how fuzzy it is! <3

He looks way too good in those clothes. Why does he insist on wearing clothes I love??!?!?

That smile is way too adorable. :D

You've heard of The Mad Hatter, right? Now! Meet The Horny Hatter, or Pervy Hatter orwhatever sounds good to you. You get the idea! Haha!

*melt* Never knew a pic where you can barely see any of him could be so amazing!!

His one eye is looking at me. What? ROFL

Damn, look at those eyelashes!

Lisa should enjoy this. Hand in the hair!

Someone forgot to feed The Jack again, didn't they?

Is it just me, or are there a lot of women on his staff?? I'm probably just seeing things. Hehe.

I know where he can put a hole in one... OH GOD I'm bad! Haha! I'm so far in the gutter, I can't even see the stars!

He's watching himself on TV! Ego much?? HAHAHA! Though, it looks more like the him on TV is watching the real him! "Who's that sexy fellow in the chair? OH!"

Colorized pics usually look kinda weird, but this is nice. With Little Christopher Lawford. Now, I can't help but find the top of this pic very appealing. Rawr.

OMFG!! He looks like such a grouchy old man here!!! Haha! "You kids! Get off my lawn!! Oh, not the girls. You little pretties come inside. I have some candy and--" Okay stopping there. If I go on... no I just won't okay? You got my idea! Haha!

Seriously, that white thing in his lap looks likes someone's undies or something. I can't be the only one who thinks that!

AWWWWWWW! Fathers and daughters are <3 So cute!!!


JR.: Daddy, I don't think this is gonna work on land!
Jack: We're Kennedys damn it! We can do anything!!

*melts* I'm gonna let this one speak for itself. Ooooh.

I am currently so in love with this pic. Doesn't it look so nice??? It's on my background! Tee hee! He's just everything I want here! (well, except naked, but I mean other than that!)
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